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Chimney Cowl Installation

We fit all types of chimney cowls ranging from caps to Gas cowls. We can also fit anti bird spikes. Our most popular cowl is a bird cowl.

Once a bird has nested successfully for a season in a chimney, it will return every year whilst it can. Causing you the expense of removing it every year. We can install the correct type of bird cowl to stop birds nesting in your chimney as a precaution or after we have removed a nest.

We recommend you fit this type of bird cowl,





It allows the sweep brush to fully exit the pot insuring the whole of the chimney is swept, its completely stops birds and does not damage the pot. We can supply the cowl in buff or terracotta.

From £80*

*Depending on accessibility and height of chimney stack. 



Jackdaw Chimney Sweeps

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