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Open for business - and working safely

At Jackdaw Chimney Sweeps we have always been serious about our duty of care to customers, the wider community and our workers.


As a matter of course, we have always worn Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) and have protected customers' possessions with floor coverings and measures to control dust and dirt. We have always worked cleanly, not touching your property and leaving no trace of our visit.


Using guidance contained in HM Government publication ‘Working safely during Covid-19 in other people’s homes’ (11 May 2020), we have risk-assessed our processes and amended our methods of working, to minimise all risks where possible.


New measures briefly include:

  • Minimising any physical contact with the customer's property.

  • Social distancing at all times including on receipt of payment and issuing of certificate of sweeping.

  • Use of appropriate PPE including face masks, gloves etc.

  • Sanitising of equipment where appropriate.

  • Sanitising the work area before and after our visit

A full and detailed list of the new measures and what to expect will be sent to you once you have booked any work with us.


In addition our sweeps have undertaken the World Health Organisation (WHO) online training course in - Infection Prevention and Control for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).  As well as a CPD certified and ROSPA Approved course in - Infection Control and Prevention, and are now double vaccinated.


The actions we have taken mean that when employing us to carry out work within your home, you can be confident that they will have appropriate knowledge, will follow safe working practices and use suitable equipment to ensure that risks are minimised as far as is practicable.


If you’ve been working from home or self-isolating, your fireplace or stove may have had a longer burning season than previous years. It is therefore of even more importance that you don’t neglect this vital safety service and call a trusted, professional chimney sweep.


Please contact your us to book an appointment or discuss any concerns that you may have.


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